How much of a time commitment is involved?

The time commitment is what you make out of it. However, the more you put in Phi Delta Epsilon, the more you get out. If you don’t put in anything, you won’t get out anything.

How much does it cost to be apart of Phi Delta Epsilon CA-Lamda?

For Potential New Members (students who pass the interview process), the cost is $285 per academic year. For returning members, it is $200 per academic year.

What are some benefits of joining Phi Delta Epsilon?

Although joining Phi Delta Epsilon CA-Lambda will not just give you more than just some benefits. Some benefits include a network of alumni who have attended medicals all across the country, direct insight from members who are apart of faculty research labs on campus, and opportunities that will advance you in achieving admittance into medical school.

What is a Professional Fraternity?

A professional fraternity is a fraternity that focuses on a specific field of study. At UC Merced, there are professional fraternities and social fraternities. Phi Delta Epsilon is apart of the professional fraternities.

What is Phi Delta Epsilon?

Phi Delta Epsilon is an International Medical Fraternity that creates physicians of integrity with a life-long commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics. The chapter at the University of California Merced is California-Lambda