Recruitment FAQ

Do you have to be Pre-Med to join PhiDE?

Since we are a pre-med chapter of an international medical fraternity, we must only accept applicants who are planning to go to medical school after graduating.

Do I have to attend all of the events to be considered eligible to join?

We do not expect you to attend each event; we understand if school/work conflicts with the times of our events. However, you are mandated to attend minimum of 2 events. If are unable to meet the requirement, please contact

How will I be notified if I am chosen for an interview?

You will receive a phone call and email on Saturday, if you have been given an interview.Please make sure to check your voicemail and mailbox to see if you have received one. In addition, we will still call you and email you to notify that you didn’t receive one.

When will interviews be held?

Interviews will be held on campus, the Sunday following Recruitment Week.

Do I have to wear professional attire for any of the events?

Professional attire is not mandatory for any of the events, however we recommend that you come in professional attire to Thursday’s Professional Night event and to your interview, if you receive one.

Do I need a specific GPA to join PhiDE?

Yes, we only accept applicants who have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Do I need to be a certain major to join PhiDE?

No, any major is welcome to join. However, you do need to meet the requirements.